How to Get Better Horse Racing Results

First of all you have to understand that nothing is ever easy to do.

  • When I say the odds are badly against me I mean it. In all walks of life therooms are filled with people who are in the same boat I am in and they all think they are going to get far and publish their ideas and you think they are going to succeed. It’s extremely hard to make money from betting like this.
  • When I suggest you stop you think about what I say here and think about whether or not you really believe this. If you do believe it I can tell you a little story that proves my point.
  • One Friday night (this was a Friday) I went to the pub to watch my beloved Mariners lose at the Mariners. I wasn’t really keen to go but I went. After the game I headed home and after putting away the extra $80 I had earned that day I headed straight to bed as I was waking up in a few hours.
  • There was a considerable amount of money in my wallet from the previous day and as the days goes by slowly more and more of it was gone and wouldn’t be seen again for days!

I couldn’t sleep no matter what and were able to barely sleep and this continued for about 24 hours.

I felt physically sick and mentally wreck. I haven’t eaten anything since as I had a food addiction. I felt extremely ill not even able to think. I couldn’t wait to get out of there but decide to stay at work to try and win back my money.

A few hours later I made it home but not enjoyed my time as I had no money to do so. I made it to my kids’arate room but realised it was too late and checked out. I couldn’t wait to get to the money I had so rushed to the money I had and left the bank. Once home I had a breakdown as I had just lost every penny I had put away in the bank! This can happen to many people, not just people with lots of money. They can become panic bets and even revise the amount they have to pay off their mortgage!

This event was a wake up call for me and I have put now put aside what I could afford to lose as a cushion fund. I wont’ gamble any more but neither will I rush back to try and make it back.

Everyone has a breaking point and although its hard to do you might want to stop have a break from it. One event that happened to me recently gave me a lot of inspiration to keep going. I saw a documentary of gamblers trying to get their money back after losing it all. This made me so aspire to turn my life around that I now have set aside one monthly budget to gamble with. Not a huge sum of money but enough to impose that I can Do It!

So whichever way you look at it the only thing you can really do is you have to have a budget to spend on your favourite gambling events. You don’t have to have an amount set aside that you can afford to lose. However you should try and limit the amount you spend to a level you can manage. Once you reach that limit you should stop for the month.

However all this advice is justoubtful so you will just have to try.

I would suggest you either limit yourself to a certain amount you can afford to lose or accept that you will lose you hard earned cash. If you hit the upper limit of your bankroll, stop for the month or perhaps try next month. With some self discipline you can even complete the event you wish to complete.

However Please do not make the mistake of thinking you are going to win anyway. If you do you will win the prize and it will be worth the effort.

You can catch all kinds of cheating on the internet too, although very heavily firepower. You can spot sites that have got their advertisements stolen and their users boast and swear by them. Normally they do this on purpose for one of two reasons.

The first is that they wish to give something away for free in order to have you try and break their system. They know that once you start giving them your money they will eventually take it back plus a little more. Or they know that no matter what you do they will win back all your money and more. Once you click on that link and you lose your money they only make away from the initial page value.

The other reason is that the site uses a form of spam email marketing where they send you spam emails advertising unrelated to online gambling.