Company number 08662693

VAT Number 298 6299 26

Registered Office

Tadcaster Business Centre

Bridge Street


LS24 9AL

Terms and Conditions

The Yorkshire Chauffeur Company (YCC) is fully licenced with Selby District Council and holds fully comprehensive insurance for Hire and Reward with a public liability insurance of £5million.  Our vehicles carry no advertising or an external licence plate as we have discreet plating status.  All our documentation, Operators Licence, Vehicle Insurance and Public Liability are available by request.  Any chauffeur driving a hire and reward licenced vehicle has passed licensing with Selby District Council, holds a current medical and DBS.  They will carry a Selby Licence Private Hire Badge.


All bookings, in accordance with our Operators Licence, need to be in advance by either email or telephone, enquiries can be made by via our website, by email or by telephone. A booking confirmation will be generated by our booking system and it is the client’s responsibility to check the booking confirmation and notify immediately the booking office.  Once a booking has been accepted both the vehicle and chauffeur are allocated.

Our booking policy is 50% non-refundable booking fee with the balance due 10 days before transfer.  Booking can only be made by credit/debit card which the client gives authority to be held on file until the transfers are complete or by bank transfer.

Any variations to the agreed requirements as originally booked, may result in additional charges being made, if these changes result in extra time and/or distance being covered.

No hidden taxes, fees or extra charges will be payable upon completion of the transfer, except where additional waiting time and/or car parking charges have been incurred and these were defined and agreed to in our quotation, discussion.

When a vehicle is booked for two days or more, whilst ever endeavour will be made for the client to retain the same vehicle and chauffeur during the booking period, the YCC reserve the right to substitute any vehicle or chauffeur according to the exigencies of the service.

Should a vehicle not be available due to circumstances beyond our control, the YCC will send a suitable replacement in a timely fashion.  Every effort will be made by the YCC to ensure that the vehicle(s) arrive on time and reach your destination on time too.  The chauffeur will travel by the most appropriate route on the day unless instructed otherwise by the client.

The chauffeur will pre-plan the route to be taken, considering road conditions. The YCC cannot be held liable for any unpredicted congestion, road closure, incidents or unforeseen problems which may cause delay.  We will gladly advise journey times, departure times etc but ultimately this is the choice of the client and therefore if onward transport is missed, the YCC accepts no responsibility or cost.

Should waiting time be a requirement for a chauffeur to wait or stop at the client’s request during a journey that has not been prearranged, or is excessively late for a booking, the time will be charged at £30 per hour plus VAT in quarter of an hour intervals. The first 15 minutes of wait time for any transfer is free of charge.  Any additional hours required outside of the quoted agreed price will be charged at £45 plus VAT.

In the event of a no-show by the client, applicable waiting time and parking fee will be charged.  In order to avoid a no-show fee, clients should not leave the designated meeting location without contacting the chauffeur and office.

Clients are requested to have our office number 01937 831114 or 07795199641 with them when they travel.  The telephone number of your chauffeur is supplied on your booking confirmation. In the unlikely event that clients have difficulty in locating the chauffeur, they are requested to call immediately.  If clients neglect to call and use alternative ground transportation, any wait time and parking charges will be charged in full.  If any of the contact numbers are busy, clients will be connected to a voicemail and should leave a message, return contact will then be made and direct the client to the chauffeur.


Once booking has been confirmed, a 50% non-refundable booking fee is applicable.

Balance of the booking is due 10 days before the transfer.

7-10 days before transfer the balance paid (50%) is refundable.

Under 7 days 25% of the balance is refundable.

If a booking is cancelled within 48 hours of departure, no refund will be given.

All cancellation requests are the responsibility of the client.  Cancellation requests must be made prior to your departure time and date.  You may submit your cancellation request by telephone call or by email.  Cancellations will only be deemed acknowledged by email return.  It is the client’s responsibility to confirm that the YCC has received the request.  The YCC shall not accept liability for any lost or stolen correspondence.  Attempts to reverse credit card charges will result in debt recovery action being initiated.  All fees as a result of such action will become the responsibility of the cancelling party.

Adverse Weather Conditions

Even though our own vehicles are 4 wheel drive our associated suppliers supply rear wheel drive vehicles. As a company, we are responsible for the safety of our clients and also our chauffeurs.  We do reserve the right to cancel any booking due to adverse weather conditions such as snow and ice, as safety is paramount.  We will risk assess the conditions for the client and chauffeur safety. In the rare occurrence this happens, we will of course provide clients with as much notice as feasibly possible and keep the client updated.  In the event of the transfer going ahead, collection time maybe brought forward to allow extra time for the transfer.  In the event of cancellation, the client will be fully reimbursed or the amount paid credited to another booking and an alternative means of travel can be discussed.


The YCC whilst specialising in Range Rovers can offer any vehicle, make, model and size due to its firm partnerships/associations with other local providers who work on our behalf. 

Right to Refuse

The Company and its chauffeurs have the right to refuse to carry any passenger who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and whose behaviour poses a threat either to the chauffeur, the vehicle or any other passenger.  Our insurers will not cover injury caused by passengers irresponsibility such as not wearing a seat belt or opening doors before the vehicle has come to a halt.  Should passengers cause damage to the vehicle, we will pass on the full costs of repair and loss of use for the time the vehicle was off the road caused by passengers’ actions.  In the event of illness/soiling, the cost of a full hygiene valet and time lost will be charged at the rate of £300 plus VAT.


In the unfortunate event of an accident involving spillages or food stains however caused by the client, the client will be charged the valeting cost plus 10% for the time involved.  We provide complimentary bottled water in the vehicle but we do prefer clients not to eat or drink anything other than what is provided whilst travelling but do realise sustenance is sometime essential e.g. after a long haul flight.

Travel Insurance

It is advised that the client obtain adequate travel insurance to cover the loss of personal belongings or financial loss as consequence of flight cancellations, missed flights, missed connections, train cancellations, personal illness or any other circumstances that would stop you from traveling and therefore stop you using our services.  By booking services through the YCC, you agree to these terms and conditions.  The Yorkshire Chauffeur Company will not accept any liability for any costs involved due to the consequences of the above.

Although vehicles are fully insured for passenger and third party claims under British Law, clients properties are carried entirely at their own risk and the company shall not be held responsible for any loss/damage to their such property.  It is the clients responsibility to confirm that all luggage has been loaded and unloaded to their satisfaction. A charge of £2 per mile plus VAT will be made for any items left in the vehicle that requires the chauffeur to return the item to a location or an alternative location.  If the item can be posted, the cost of postage plus £5 plus VAT admin fee will be charged.

Smoking Policy

The company maintains a strict non-smoking policy including vape alternatives in all of its vehicles, the vehicle is classed as a place of work, therefore, is a legal requirement of the United Kingdom.

If passengers refuse to extinguish cigars, pipes or cigarettes, the chauffeur has the right to refuse to carry the passenger.  A valeting charge may also be applicable.

Agency Arrangements/Sub-contracting

The YCC works extremely closely to supply any vehicle, whether it be their own fleet or those of a close associated partner.  If a sub-contractor is used, they are working under the same terms and conditions as The Yorkshire Chauffeur Company and are representing the YCC.

General Data Protection Regulations – GDPR:

The 25th May 2018 saw the changes to the Data Protection Act.  Full client, supplier, colleague, associates and associated clients details are retained securely on a Dispatch system platform and only available to the business owner on a password protected and finger print recognition devices.

Any credit card numbers/details are provided by the client and will be stored securely until the transfer has been completed.  They will then be destroyed securely and safely.

The information is not shared with any third party without the owners permission.  Assigned chauffeurs also use password/finger recognition devices and only have access to the minimum of information required to carry out the task in hand (contact details). All chauffeurs and associates have been briefed regarding compliance with the GDPR.  We will, of course, remove details on written request.


As a company we believe and encourage feedback on your experience with us. Good or bad, it will be dealt with and passed on to the chauffeur or member of staff concerned. We prefer feedback by email rather than social media. If you are unhappy with any aspect of the Company’ arrangements, please address your complaint immediately to the Director of the Company, Nikki Gray.  If you wish to complain, full details must be made in writing to arrive within 7 days of the service we have provided.  We will do our best to investigate and reply to the complaint within 28 days of receipt.  Failure to take either of these steps will deny the Company to resolve the problem immediately and/or investigate fully. In consequence, this may affect the opportunity rights under this contract.

Statutory Rights

Nothing contained in our Terms and Conditions can affect the Client’s statutory rights.





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